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Coastal Table Lamps

Our Coastal Table Lamps lighten your room while adding a taste ocean to your space. Shop our Coastal Table Lamps soon and bring home a bit of sea.

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We carry a large variety of unique and interesting Coastal Table Lamps. We have Beach Style lamps with likenesses of sea lions carved into the base, some of our lamps will have likenesses of ships carved or painted on their bases. The bases of some of our Coastal Table Lamps will exhibit carvings of beach items such as fish, clams, loons, seagulls, whales, on their bases as well as some visions of sea grasses and other vegetation painted on the surfaces of the bases.

Some of our Coastal Table Lamps are Blue as the ocean and some are made with bases of wood carvings of different sea creature or beach inhabiting animals like the elk and black bear of the Pacific Northwestern shores of Washington and Oregon.

Some Coastal Table Lamps accommodate 100 watt bulbs, some 60 or 40 watt bulbs. All the Coastal Table Lamps will use LED bulbs. All will add interest as well as light to your rooms.

Not only do the shapes and sizes vary, but the prices of our Coastal Decor Lamps range to fit any household budget.
Browse our store today and everyday for just the right table Lamp for your home or office. We add new items of sea coast themed Lamps to our inventory every day. You should have no trouble finding just the exact Coastal Table Lamp you need for you home space or office. We are constantly adding new Coastal Table Lamps to our pages so don't miss out on just the right piece for you space.